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How to progress your regulatory affairs CMC career

Posted by David Nixon

16/05/17 17:02

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) is a specific and significant aspect of regulatory affairs, which is found within many different types of company, particularly pharmaceutical companies that develop and manufacture drugs. ProClinical is giving some inside tips on how to progress your regulatory affairs CMC career within pharma.

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Ten tips to improve your CV for a regulatory affairs associate job

Posted by Peter Hogg

09/02/16 11:30

In the highly competitive job market for regulatory affairs professionals, having a well crafted CV is critical to secure a position at a pharmaceutical company, contract research organisation, consultancy or other life sciences company. Your CV represents your elevator pitch. When human resources or a hiring manager reviews your application, you have one minute of their time to explain who you are and why you would be a terrific fit for their open regulatory affairs associate role. 

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Marketing authorisation: the goal of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs

Posted by Luke Webber

08/06/15 11:40

Every pharmaceutical company's goal is to get its drugs to market, and if you work in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, achieving marketing authorisation for your medicinal product is often the most satisfying aspect of your job. Here’s what you need to know about the marketing authorisation application process (and the technical jargon) for regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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How to prepare for your regulatory affairs job interview

Posted by David Nixon

14/04/15 09:30

Interview preparation is key to being able to properly represent yourself to a potential employer. In regulatory affairs there are some key aspects that employers consistently look for in a job interview. With a bit of groundwork, you will be able to show these skills and increase your chances of getting the job.

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How to get a job in regulatory affairs

Posted by Peter Hogg

10/03/15 12:03

Regulatory affairs is a vital function in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide but regulatory affairs jobs can be a difficult to attain for graduates and even those looking to move from other specialities with relatable skills. Here's our advice about how to get your foot on the ladder and start your career in regulatory affairs.

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