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5 tips for writing a cover letter for a life sciences job

Posted by Monique Ellis

26/10/16 13:40

No matter how polished your CV may be, in some cases, the key to getting an interview is a clearly written and well-structured cover letter. Recruiters and HR professionals have large volumes of CVs to sift through within a very limited time so they may have a matter of minutes (even seconds) to glance through your application.

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How to make your clinical research CV stand out

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

21/09/16 16:13

The clinical research market is booming and the variety and number of clinical research jobs available are rapidly increasing. As a result, there is more pressure on clinical recruitment agencies, as well as internal Talent Acquisition and HR professionals to fill these urgent and essential roles.

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Tips on how to get a quality assurance job

Posted by Lizzie Blount

05/04/16 15:30

The quality assurance job market is now as competitive as ever, which begs the question, “how do I stand out from my competition?”. Competition is fierce and you need to make sure that you have the right tools at your disposal to not only land an interview but also successfully get a job offer.

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Ten tips to improve your CV for a regulatory affairs associate job

Posted by Peter Hogg

09/02/16 11:30

In the highly competitive job market for regulatory affairs professionals, having a well crafted CV is critical to secure a position at a pharmaceutical company, contract research organisation, consultancy or other life sciences company. Your CV represents your elevator pitch. When human resources or a hiring manager reviews your application, you have one minute of their time to explain who you are and why you would be a terrific fit for their open regulatory affairs associate role. 

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Five things that pharma companies always look for on your CV

Posted by Peter Hogg

29/06/15 15:16

There are many variables when it comes to the exact skill set that is required to fill any given vacancy, but there are certain desirable skills that are almost universally in demand by employers in the pharmaceutical industry. Employers will spend most of their CV review time looking at employment history and education; here we tell you exactly what they are looking for. 

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How to get a job as a clinical research associate (CRA)

Posted by Peter Hogg

18/02/15 10:54

A career as a clinical research associate appeals to many because it can be rewarding and varied. ProClinical receives a high number of applications to our CRA jobs, but what separates the successful applications from those that are rejected?

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