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How to get a medical writer job

Posted by Tom Russell

31/01/18 15:30

Jobs in medical writing have many perks. It can be a comfortable step away from academia whilst staying firmly connected to science and research. There’s flexibility, variety, plenty of scope for progression and the chance to earn a very respectable salary.

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Do contractors really have less job security in the life sciences industry?

Posted by Luke Webber

10/01/18 15:30

In the continuously changing world of work, does job security mean the same thing it did 10 years ago? With a family to support and various expenses, a permanent role could seem like the obvious choice to ensure a steady income. But here’s why worries over job security shouldn’t stop you from enjoying higher wages, varied work and greater flexibility as a contractor in the life sciences industry.

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What to do if you want a promotion at work

Posted by Monique Ellis

03/01/18 16:35

Want this to be the year that you take the next big step in your career? Navigating the rocky road to a promotion can be tricky. Depending on your industry and company, there may be different processes in place regarding career development. In some cases, there may be none at all. Often, it’s up to you to make a promotion happen.

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3 common CV mistakes stopping you from getting a job

Posted by Monique Ellis

15/11/17 15:30

When it comes to CV writing, you’ve probably heard it all. You’ve been told too many times to check your spelling and to tailor every point to the job description. You can recite your key skills at the drop of a hat. Yet, perhaps what is most important is how your CV fares within the fast-paced life sciences industry. As hiring managers and HR personnel get busier and busier, your CV is the first (and maybe – only) chance you get to impress. While these tricks are nothing new, they have never been more important. Here are a few critical opportunities you may be missing when optimising your CV for that life sciences role you really want:

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How can you progress from a clinical team manager to a clinical project manager within a CRO?

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

25/10/17 15:40

In today’s competitive CRO job market, the truth is that there are several talented clinical team managers (CTMs) looking to move into a limited number of clinical project management (CPM) roles. With a top-heavy market, it might be time to either consider alternative routes into a project management role, or seek a slightly different career path within clinical operations. Here are some of the many avenues a CTM can take when looking for their next career move.

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Do you have a sense of entitlement at work? It could be holding back your career

Posted by Monique Ellis

18/10/17 15:30

Some of us may be guilty of entitlement without realising as it’s become difficult to know the difference between what we expect and what we have earned. Employee entitlement is when you feel you are deserving of things that you haven’t necessarily earned, such as a pay rise, promotion or reward. The good news is that entitled employees aren’t necessarily bad ones, and a few small changes in perspective can help you to better navigate the modern workplace.

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Top 10 locations for life science jobs in the world

Posted by Monique Ellis

04/10/17 15:34

The life sciences industry is becoming increasingly globalised, resulting in a higher demand for life science professionals who have experience in different global markets. Considering life science jobs abroad may be the key to the career boost you’re looking for. But where can you find the best opportunities?

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3 steps to making yourself irreplaceable at work

Posted by Monique Ellis

27/09/17 15:00

In today’s job market, job security can be hard to come by. The life science industry is no stranger to major acquisitions, mergers and organisational restructuring, which can lead to mass redundancies and that horrible feeling of uncertainty. If you’re a life science employee looking for a stability, you may be asking yourself, how can I become irreplaceable at work?

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What is the difference between HEOR and market access jobs?

Posted by Harry Williams

06/09/17 15:30

Health economics and outcomes reach (HEOR) and market access are two separate sectors within a pharmaceutical company, yet they work towards the same goal: helping to gain market approval for a drug by determining how much it should cost, and why. Both fields work together to ensure that patients have access to the drugs they need.

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What makes a successful recruitment consultant?

Posted by Monique Ellis

30/08/17 15:30

Undertaking a career in recruitment is both complex and straightforward. If you have the right attitude and are hungry for success, nothing can stand in your way. However, the making of a truly successful recruitment consultant involves a developed and multi-faceted set of skills that only a few possess.

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