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What is pharmacovigilance and why is it important?

Posted by Kevin Hansberry

23/08/17 15:30

Pharmacovigilance is concerned with only two outcomes: safety and efficacy. Does a drug work and is it safe? It touches on almost every aspect of the drug lifecycle - from preclinical development to post-market surveillance - making it one of the most fundamental functions within a life science company.

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How to progress your pharmacovigilance career

Posted by Kevin Hansberry

25/08/15 12:33


Pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety, plays a vitally important role in assessing the risk/benefit of pharmaceutical products and ensuring that they are safe for use in patients. However, career development in this field can often be difficult, particularly for those who are not physicians. Here are our top tips to help you to further your pharmacovigilance career. 

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