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The most exciting research and development projects in 2018

Posted by Monique Ellis

21/02/18 12:00

In the face of increasing demand for more effective and affordable healthcare, the life science industry is continuously battling to develop drugs and therapies to save and improve patients’ lives across the globe. Using the most technologically and scientifically advanced methods of today, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are now capable of developing new and innovative ways to treat disease, including many that were previously thought incurable. 2018 and the years beyond bring promise of an exciting period within R&D.

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Topics: Life sciences news, Clinical research

6 recruitment myths that could be stopping you from getting your dream job

Posted by Monique Ellis

14/02/18 15:30

Have you ever been reluctant to search for a job through a recruitment agency due to widely-held beliefs about how recruiters conduct themselves? In reality, many myths surrounding recruitment have much less truth than you’d think. Recruitment consultants are predominately open and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to connecting candidates with their ideal employers. To dispel the recruitment myths standing between you and your dream job, read on!

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How to get a medical writer job

Posted by Tom Russell

31/01/18 15:30

Jobs in medical writing have many perks. It can be a comfortable step away from academia whilst staying firmly connected to science and research. There’s flexibility, variety, plenty of scope for progression and the chance to earn a very respectable salary.

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When did your employees become disengaged?

Posted by Monique Ellis

24/01/18 15:30

Most new employees are full of enthusiasm and optimism when entering a new role in a new company, and are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it's through a sense of appreciation for being given the opportunity, or an effort to prove themselves, the new starter wants to be there, and wants to get results – and it shows! Sadly, the initial buzz rarely lasts very long. Research shows that their level of engagement goes into freefall after just a few months. But at what point did you lose them? Is the job not what they expected, or does the problem run much deeper?

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Topics: Human Resources, Employee retention, Employee engagement, Human capital management

What will be the biggest therapy areas in 2022?

Posted by Monique Ellis

17/01/18 16:15

Which are the therapy areas to watch over the next few years? How will long-standing sectors like oncology and vaccines stand compared with figures in 2017? With some therapy areas forecasted to grow in strength year on year, sales in other areas are expected to slow or stagnate. Have a look at which therapies are likely to be on top by 2022: 

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Do contractors really have less job security in the life sciences industry?

Posted by Luke Webber

10/01/18 15:30

In the continuously changing world of work, does job security mean the same thing it did 10 years ago? With a family to support and various expenses, a permanent role could seem like the obvious choice to ensure a steady income. But here’s why worries over job security shouldn’t stop you from enjoying higher wages, varied work and greater flexibility as a contractor in the life sciences industry.

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Topics: Contracting, Career advice

What to do if you want a promotion at work

Posted by Monique Ellis

03/01/18 16:35

Want this to be the year that you take the next big step in your career? Navigating the rocky road to a promotion can be tricky. Depending on your industry and company, there may be different processes in place regarding career development. In some cases, there may be none at all. Often, it’s up to you to make a promotion happen.

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Topics: Career advice, Job satisfaction

Top 10 most significant FDA approvals of 2017

Posted by Monique Ellis

20/12/17 15:30

Taking a look back over the year, ProClinical reviews the most significant drug and device approvals by the US Food & Drug Association (FDA) in 2017. Giving a healthy 41 products the seal of approval, the FDA has commissioned a variety of novel therapies and innovative devices that are sure to have a big impact within the industry.

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The best life science employers of 2017

Posted by Monique Ellis

13/12/17 16:00

Thinking of changing companies next year? This ranking of the top 15 life science employers in 2017 could help point you in the right direction. The findings are based on an insightful report by Biospace that ranked over 1,000 life science companies in the USA in areas that are considered most ideal to life science professionals.

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What will happen if you don’t comply with the MDR and IVDR?

Posted by Owen Bach

07/12/17 12:30

Simply put, failing to comply with the new medical device (MDR) and in-vitro diagnostic (IVDR) regulations is not an option for companies that wish to continue developing these devices once the transitional period comes to an end in 2021. The regulations are absolutely critical to the future success of medical devices companies. Here’s why:

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Topics: Life sciences news, Regulatory affairs, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing

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