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5 ways to make the most of your notice period

Posted by Monique Ellis

08/12/16 11:22

Notice periods are often a difficult but necessary phase that you must endure before embarking on a new professional challenge. In life sciences jobs, they can range from 2 weeks to 3 months, so knowing how best to conduct yourself during this transitionary period is vital, especially if the notice period is at the longer end of the scale. ProClinical has composed some tips on how best to manage the time you have left at your current employer.

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How to get found on LinkedIn by life science headhunters

Posted by Arjun Datta

10/08/16 12:00

LinkedIn has quickly become the most essential source in any job seeker’s toolbox. As LinkedIn’s popularity grows, it is becoming one of the best places for life science and pharmaceutical headhunters to find new candidates. If you are looking for a new position, or want to increase your networking opportunities, keeping an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is essential.

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How to get a clinical project manager job

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

15/12/15 11:44

Getting a clinical project manager job (CPM) can be a challenge. While there is a need for CPMs, there are also a great deal of senior, principle, and lead clinical research associates (CRAs) that are striving to reach the CPM level. With this competition, it is critical to understand the necessary skills and experience required for attaining a CPM role. It is also important for professionals to be aware of the various pathways that can lead to a successful career as a CPM.

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Talking points from the ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress

Posted by Theo Rowley

19/11/14 16:39

With orphan drugs, rising cancer costs and risk sharing agreements high on the agenda in the world of health economics and outcomes research, ProClinical decided to look back over some of the main talking points from the ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress in Amsterdam. 

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PhUSE 2014: Biometrics Conference Review

Posted by Luke Webber

21/10/14 16:20

In its biggest event to date, the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange 2014 was a great success for all involved. The focus this year on data transparency gave us some interesting points to reflect on. We took a look back on the topics covered at PhUSE and raise some of the key points that we were able to gain. 

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How to network for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry

Posted by Daniel Smart

11/08/14 10:46

Establishing a professional network is one of the most important aspects of career development within the life sciences sector. Making good connections and being known by those who are involved with recruiting for jobs at pharmaceutical companies can support your job applications and increase the likelyhood that you will be headhunted for new roles in the future.

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Don't have your CV? Use LinkedIn to apply for life science jobs.

Posted by Peter Hogg

08/05/14 10:00

Have you ever seen the perfect job online but didn't apply for it because your CV isn't up to date, or you weren't able to apply because you were using a mobile phone? ProClincal have added a new feature to their website that now makes it possible to apply for life sciences jobs using your LinkedIn profile and avoid any more missed opportunities.

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Topics: Career advice, Applying for jobs, Networking