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Marketing authorisation: the goal of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs

Posted by Luke Webber

08/06/15 11:40

Every pharmaceutical company's goal is to get its drugs to market, and if you work in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, achieving marketing authorisation for your medicinal product is often the most satisfying aspect of your job. Here’s what you need to know about the marketing authorisation application process (and the technical jargon) for regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Topics: Job satisfaction, Training & Qualifications, Regulatory affairs

Top five pharma jobs for working from home

Posted by Peter Hogg

12/05/15 10:48

Working from home can have benefits for both companies and their workers alike, so it's no surprise that home-based jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are increasing. ProClinical's life sciences recruitment specialists have been assessing which types of pharma jobs offer the greatest opportunity for working from home.

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Topics: Career advice, Job satisfaction

How to stay motivated when R&D projects end

Posted by Peter Hogg

12/06/14 16:59

Research and development (R&D) projects differ from most other types of job. There is a high degree of uncertainty and the impact of the final product is unpredictable. But when a product fails to make it to market, has the meaning been taken out of the work that has gone into it?

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Topics: Contracting, Career advice, Motivation, Job satisfaction