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What do contract research organisations (CROs) look for when hiring clinical research associates?

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

01/02/17 15:30

Luckily for clinical research associates (CRAs), the life sciences industry is rich with opportunities. There are CRA job opportunities all over the world thanks to international clinical trials and the rapid globalisation of many pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and food and cosmetic companies. Yet, it is not always possible for CRAs to achieve their career ambitions within a short period and, as a result, CROs are continuously battling with a high staff turnover.

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Multiple sclerosis: the disease and its future

Posted by Monique Ellis

22/12/16 15:09

Multiple sclerosis (MS), is one of the most mysterious illnesses we face today. Over the past few decades, pharmaceutical companies have made incredible advances in treatment for MS but are still unable to fully understand what causes it. Clinical research into finding better treatments and solving the mysteries of this disease are moving forward in leaps and bounds, so there is reason to believe that at some point, there may be a cure for MS.

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What are the different phases of clinical trials?

Posted by Monique Ellis

05/10/16 14:48

If you’re considering a career in clinical research, it’s useful to know what’s involved in this exciting and varied line of work. Clinical trials provide some of the most important and rewarding career opportunities available to those who have a degree in, or a passion for, life sciences and clinical research. Pharmaceutical jobs give you the chance to be involved in creating new drugs which combat some of today’s most serious health issues such as cancer, HIV and Alzheimer’s disease. The development of drugs can dramatically improve the quality of life, and even save the lives, of thousands of people. How’s that for a fulfilling career path? If it sounds like your kind of thing, read on!

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How to make your clinical research CV stand out

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

21/09/16 16:13

The clinical research market is booming and the variety and number of clinical research jobs available are rapidly increasing. As a result, there is more pressure on clinical recruitment agencies, as well as internal Talent Acquisition and HR professionals to fill these urgent and essential roles.

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How to prepare for a clinical research job interview

Posted by Arjun Datta

27/07/16 10:00

 Preparing for any interview can be a trying experience. Let’s face it, interviews are difficult and often there is a lot riding on their success. In order to be successful in any interview, preparation is key. When interviewing for clinical research jobs, interviews pose a unique challenge that may require additional preparation. Below are our five tips to make sure that you are properly prepared for a clinical research job interview.

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Top 10 Contract Research Organisations (CROs) to Watch in 2016

Posted by Peter Hogg

07/03/16 09:30

Contract research organisations (CROs) have become essential to the pharma, biotech, and medtech industries by supporting clients’ efforts to test, refine, and market the latest pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our list of the world's top CROs profiles the industry's leaders and emerging companies. 

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How to get a clinical project manager job

Posted by Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks

15/12/15 11:44

Getting a clinical project manager job (CPM) can be a challenge. While there is a need for CPMs, there are also a great deal of senior, principle, and lead clinical research associates (CRAs) that are striving to reach the CPM level. With this competition, it is critical to understand the necessary skills and experience required for attaining a CPM role. It is also important for professionals to be aware of the various pathways that can lead to a successful career as a CPM.

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The benefits of freelance clinical research jobs

Posted by Neil Winn

13/07/15 12:20

Contract jobs are commonplace in the field of clinical research and are often a necessary way for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations (CROs) to manage their workforce. Are concerns about job stability justified or do the benefits of working as a freelancer outweigh the risks?  

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Will Apple Watch and ResearchKit transform your clinical research job?

Posted by Peter Hogg

16/03/15 11:06

Apple has now entered the healthcare industry with a product that has been described as a "game-changer". With their revolutionary sensor technology and ability to capture vast amounts of data, the company that brought us the iPhone is well placed to make a significant imprint in medical devices and clinical research. But what does this mean for your job?

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How to get a job as a clinical research associate (CRA)

Posted by Peter Hogg

18/02/15 10:54

A career as a clinical research associate appeals to many because it can be rewarding and varied. ProClinical receives a high number of applications to our CRA jobs, but what separates the successful applications from those that are rejected?

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